All languages are singing together


The more I got interested in languages in general, the more I fell in love with certain word meanings. Additionally, the way humans used their repertoire of idiomatic expression to describe their world always triggered me in a positive way. I could always feel into it, even if I didn’t understand the spoken language I always INNERstood what was wished to get transported with it.

It only took decades to realise what a value this is, being able to feel into the way of speaking/singing. I suddenly realised that loads of communication problems could get solved immediately if people would start paying more attention to the connections that built the foundation and meaning of particular words.

There are so many languages on this plane net. The variety can keep ONE busy for a lifetime. I would love to inspire and invite us all to reconnect existing and new languages to become more openhearted for the con-notes, the music that lies underneath the sung, the spoken and the written. By doing this we will automatically enrich our life, have a far better communication and become more tolerant to other systems of expression. Additionally, we will improve our ability to learn new languages, even those never ever thought of getting close to.

I was always really bad in mathematics and geometry, it was a language that right from the start did not make a lot of sense to me, but I still can remember one special situation that perhaps lead me to innerstanding the giant orchestra a bit better:

My teacher was standing in front of the class, explaining something I did not understand at all. While he was talking I had the feeling of him wanting us to understand but realizing that we are not really with him. Many of us made the sad teaching experience playing one part or the other. Still sitting in this sadness of failed communication he turned around to the blackboard and started drawing a geometric figure as the result of his calculations. When he was done, he faced us again, now smiling like a child on a playground swing and announced solemnly: “Look at this, what an outstanding beauty this parable is!” I was sitting there and had absolutely no idea what just happend within the past five minutes, but I was so curious how this miraculous emotional transformation could have happened and wanted to be as happy as he was.

Only now, I found an entirely new access to it by innerstanding geometry simply as another foreign language or symphony. Numerology, fairy tales, astrology, light and heart language, sign and form language, mythology, the language of colours, all spoken and written languages are connected, more than we might think. There are words of absolute beauty and those of super low frequency, but they all are part of the playground swing, are CON NOTAO, with eternal music.
Let us make a new attempt to find out how beautiful our giant earth orchestra can swing… in all languages ONE can imagine. Let’s see where this is taking US.

The inner meaning of CONNOTAO
C O N N O T A T I O N (engl./fr./etc.)
con = with
notation = underlying music
tao = the all in no thing in all
C = 3 equals devine, spirit, trinity
O = the only not man-made number, whole, unity, all-including, 15 into 6 = freely expanding in love
N = 14 (1= alignment, pioneer + 4= anchoring, base, equilibrium/balance) => 5 = new balance/frequency through uplift or breakthrough, freed or effort to freeN doubled: power doubled
To get the right impression of the letter meaning it is always helping to be aware how the letter is written. The N starts on base level and goes straight up with a new idea, brings the idea down to anchor in the field so growth can happen
O: NN surrounded by Os/us: divinely protected by collective
T = 20 (2=polarity, twins, partnership + O into wholeness), libra, tara, overcoming duality, consciously and trained in the flow, mastery in balancing opposites, creator of new foundations
A = 1 equals pioneer, new beginning, new alignment or re-alignment, giving energy, bringing from creative source. If you draw the letter slowly, you see that you make an upfrequent journey to a point and from there you bring it down to a new point of the baseline, in harmonic balance.
O = conscious decision for triple O to have the divine power in trinity with the aim to unify (0-0-0 is therefore the queenside rochade in chess).

Even if you might not understand the details yet, you can already see that there is a much larger network responsible for the words we currently use, the way we sing and paint and why your parents gifted you with your name, even why you were born in a certain country using the particular language you speak. If you write down your first name in kapital letters and pay attention to the WAY of writing, can you guess what the first part of your wild journey here on earth might be or has been?

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