The difference between Itunes and Cosmic tune


Only because you can tune in, doesn‘t mean you also have to sing!

The Neptune key says: „Tuning into me is so easy for you because you are familiar flow. The difference is the character. Mine can teach the thousand rivers.“ In this article we explain what this sentence means, as it will assist you in your sound process.

As we are now collectively re-entering the cosmic playground, we once again slowly but surely get to innerstand the true nature of the planetary tuning. The staircase to that imaginary portal of cosmic singing includes a journey in which we are allowed to go far into our soul and to dive deep into our collective consciousness, only to find out what the difference between I and We is if there is One. This experience is absolutely necessary if you have the wish to get a feeling for the big symphonic orchestra of the royal multiverse hall.

The human thinking part doesn‘t stop trying to draw lines, question marks and boxes somewhere, because it got trained for ages to have closed concepts. As soon as a form is able to be multinform and in fluent, Brain is calling in sick and asks Pinky to make him a cup of tea. Brain will also stay sick until the new you got more comfortable with all these true influents and allows itself again the freedom of flow. Where does the own melody end and the we start if you are what we is? The more energies you explore the more this question will pop up, especially if the energy tune is familiar to yours or even a part of your instrument. This time it is up to you to find your own chair in the orchestra pit. This time you are your own equalizer, because it is part of your devine freedom. You will get lost a few times, before you realize that you accidentally tuned into frequencies that are not yours at all. You will get confused or even overwhelmed when you find yourself singing with the high choir for the first time. To ground yourself during this exciting tour de sound, it will help immensely to remind yourself of the way music itself works.

For example: There is this special song that means so much to you, it moves you to tears as soon as you hear it. Why? Maybe it reminds you of a certain situation in your life which had a lot of impact. Or the melody and this singer‘s voice touches a certain string in your heart. When other people are copying this song, though, it doesn‘t move you at all.
The reason for that is cosmic tuning. Timing, intent, frequency, setting, will, alignment, in this specific moment of touch every single monad is absolutely on point with multiple movements on various levels. For you. Maybe you start dancing to the song, you join the singing or you simply cry, whatever, interaction takes place: this is heart communication, this is you, your character, your reply to a song, your I-tune. Other people can‘t feel the same and therefore react differently.

The higher frequent mother earth, the higher frequent you become and the easier you can tune into an ocean of other energies. This is the moment, when it starts getting tricky, because at the same time you are exploring more and more of your own true song. When you come back into your flow, your borders collaps and then it is hard to tell what your solo part is and if there is one at all.
There are some very high frequent people walking around, mostly actors, who can right from the start tune into other energetic fields so quickly that it is almost impossible to follow. They are very pure and harmonic people, everybody loves them of course… but most of them do have a super tragic reality, because they are always in someone else, although they just want to be and so this vague feeling of being lost is following them around constantly, while they are anyone and no-one.

„If you want to sing out, sing out, and if you want to be free, be free (…). If you want to be me, be me, and if you want to be you, be you,“ sang Cat Stevens and he was right of course. But only because you can tune into loads of different frequencies and sing what you want, doesn‘t mean that you can DO what these energies can and vice versa. This is the main message of Neptune during this exciting process. Every single entity of sound has got its purpose, its own meaning, its own chair, its own character, even though all is at the same time connected and actively partitioning.

It is true mastership when you are able to feel frequencies and can tune into them, but simultanously have the innerstanding of the cosmic waters that allows you to see which choir is yours to join and which one you prefer listening to. It is a very foggy and pathless process and even if Brain tells you otherwise (hiding behind his cup of tea): It is absolutely okay NOT to know what exactly the own Itune is all about – you are already on the way to find out.

Let your heart do the singing!

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