One love:
beyond the contract of illusions


If you would have been to my garden the other day, you had for sure met me next to the giant compost bin, where I always spend my time when I am really tired, bored and grumpy… I was standing there, thinking about the invention of contracts.

Lack of love = more contracts = more fear

In fact, contracts have always been triggering me a lot, because they curtailed me in my freedom. It is one of the most barbaric inventions (please allow me judging this) of this so obsolete role-game we are currently and luckily finishing once and for all. When there is not enough love, humans tend to lose trust, fear rises, out of fear the demand for more security gets generated, the illusion of safety by concluding contracts brings in-form what once was so free… with every single contract that humans sign they curtail their flow and start playing a bondage game in which they get more and more fearful because the downward spiral leads only to a point of self-imprisonment. I can imagine that this is one of the reasons why so many of us are here at this point in space-time, simply because it is the last spectacular chance to experience this strange concept on its highest peak – before it crashes. One of the biggest illusions I lived so far is the one of having a „soul contract“. For a very long time it was a part of my believe system, that my soul signed a contract that sort of dictated which jobs this incarnation had to do and what experience/reward my soul in return would get out of these unpleasant services. It was a very good explanation for whatever horror scenarios I had to go through in the past and as you can imagine this is also the reason why my soul and I didn‘t always get along very well.

The illusion of soul contracts

If in my field the concept of concluding contracts is a result of fear / lack of trust / lack of love, then how in all realms is it possible that a soul does have a contract? A contract with whom? Other souls? Fearful other souls? Fear does not exist as soon as you leave the polarity plot of good and evil in this tabletop game. Did you ever see a group of kids or animals playing a game together out of fear? It only changes when you start adding the concept of „winner and loser“ to it. With it comes the fear. With it comes the enemy. – Then take souls. Whatever a soul is in your concept, we can all agree that it is lighter than human consciousness and some sort of devine, eternal. If so, the only reason I can possibly imagine, why souls should play together, is for their own devine pleasure, for the fun / love / joy, the group adventure. There is no winning or losing, no judgement, there is no death or pain to fear. And if there is nothing to fear, what is left?
I remember this one energy I akashed, which said: „Our words are words of love and trusted.“ It touched me deeply and the field complex it opened was a mixture of „Trust me, I walk my talk“, „Love replaces all doubts“ and „All know I do my very best, because love is my motivation“. There was no reason to question it, it felt strong and easy and as if it was the most simple and clear moving power of all worlds. The moving power of all words.

Love is not a contract

In fact, words already reflect and explain everything you really need to know about them in the language you live in. Contract, contraction, it means that something can’t flow anymore, it is pressed together, under pressure. Then take love. It is already mirroring illusive love concepts for you: evollove, a reminder to stop thinking in old fashioned dual concepts that don‘t fit the wisdom of your heart any longer. People think to marry the love of their life, but at the same time they also sign a prenuptial agreement. Doesn‘t that sound totally strange to you?
At this point it is really tough, because everything out there seems to work in contracts and many don‘t question them anymore, BUT this is also the weakness of the entire system: it can only exist as long as we believe in contracts, as long as we obey them, sign them, have the idea to need them.
We can all do this together by bringing back the only one love there is. Bringing back the love into everything we do, because this is what we would all do automatically, if we were aware of our true freedom. We can do it in small steps. We can reduce our contracts to a level that is letting us breath better and look for other or better solutions. We can start giving it a try and trust each other again, no matter what the result may be, simply out of love.
In my dreams, I imagine that we as human kinders simply take all contracts and tear them apart at the same time. The rest of the cosmos would be silent to listen and all you could hear in space would be a gigantic „SIGH“ of relief. Wouldn‘t this be great to experience? Wouldn‘t this feeling be the best reward for you AND for your soul, because you did it in the knowing that you and your soul and all others involved simply made it together out of ONE LOVE.

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