Re-Balancing is the new justice


(Please note:
This article will hopefully explain why it doesn‘t matter at all if there‘s still any justice left in the world. We are about to leave this tiny concept anyways to built a shiny new playground.
If you know this already you can stop reading right here and walk the dog instead.
Please note as well: we are no English mother speakers. We wrote following article in this language, because we want to reach out as far as we possibly can – and as we don‘t speak Chinese… #thankyou)

There was this video which went viral.
It was about a young man sitting in a courtroom.
A female police officer had shot his brother without reason. She got arrested, and was now – after a news exploited and tiring trial – sitting right in front of him, waiting with sunken head for the judge to announce the punishment: 10 years in prison.
The judge asked the man if he had anything left to say to her.
The young man said to the woman:
„I forgive you.
And I am sure, if you ask god, he will forgive you, too. I can only speak for myself, but I love you just like anyone else. I wouldn’t even want you to go to jail, because I only want the best for you and I know, my brother would feel exactly the same way.“
Not enough. Seeing the woman cry he additionally asked the judge if he was allowed to hug the ex-police officer. The judge agreed and so he did. And they both cried, the judge cried, they all cried, and millions who watched the news later that day were weeping, because it was so beautiful, so outstanding true and so devinely inspiring. It was reminding each one us of our strongest power: unconditional love.

Going straight into our hearts, this shared experience shows all of us exactly how to grow out of the rotting and illusionary fields of „justice“, „guilt“ and „judgement“ in general. They don‘t serve us anymore. Strictly speaking, they were never meant to serve us. They were simply needed in a concept, where human kindness and love were highly under pressure, aiming to reach a zero point for a quantum jump potential in human consciousness. And now that „judgement“ and „fairness“ is about to transmute more or less equally to „revenge“, it is NOW our final call to let these old concepts go once and for all. It is time to delete all these old programs and replace them with a totally new software which is increadibly soft to wear and available to all of us – as global freeware.

The installation of a new softwear

With your birth your parents automatically agree in your name to be fine with the existing system (concept, world, matrix, playground) they live in. As you grow, it fortunately happens, that you finish all the experiences you wanted to accomplish in this particular concept, or you simply grow out of your fenced up playground. You mostly react very emotional when this happens: you can get angry, even aggressive because you can’t wait to get rid of the old dress. Or you become very sad, because you realize it‘s done and over and it was sooo good.
To put it as understandable as possible: there are many options what to do next. In most cases you simply die one way or the other. You leave your bodysuit and plan your next adventure or expedition. If you are reading this article you‘re very likely already about to do it differently (congrats!): You take the old experiences, review and if needed restore them, clear some misunderstandings to end up putting them nicely sorted in a cloud file of your own quantum library section. Having done that you wash out all the dust from the last decades and let yourself dry nicely, because you applied for an upgrade that allows a whole new life experience.

As you decided not to die, your material boddy and your formless field has to change almost all of their programs, which „only feels“ like dying. You change your entire density, you become lighter, softer in many ways. Just like during the re-formatting and upgrading of a computer, this process includes a lot of chaos, confusion, anarchy and the loss of things you once regarded as very precious. Your whole existence has to get questioned in detail. Do you still need it or is there something better out there to reach up to? A lot of decisions have to be made. The new programs need more space so you can‘t keep all of your minecraft builts, tamagotchis and his-story collections, sigh. In some cases, almost everything gets thrown out, because it was saved on floppy disks, sorry bro, no-one is using these anymore.
As it is understandably very hard for one single human being to do this, many already decided upfront to go through this process together. Strictly speaking, we all do it together, because all is connected, so whenever one part of this collective installed a new softwear part successfully, it tows in the others automatically like a snowball system. It happens that way because of the law of attraction and resonance, in which love is the strongest conscious force. By doing so it gets much easier for the rest to follow and becomes unstoppable after reaching a certain point. It doesn’t matter at all, if you lead or follow, it’s all the same.
There’s only one thing to do for you to recallibrate your system: being the best friend for your heart, follow its lead and be patient. Your heart is the main connector to the collective block-chain motherserver, source, god, galactic unibody, whatever you wanna call it. Your heart is the omnipresent devine portal to everything. The better you know your heart, the stronger you are, the faster you get back into balance. Why should one want to be in balance?, asks the floppy disc out of the recycling bin. Because that‘s where true freedom comes from. That is where inner peace comes from. That is where health comes from. That‘s when you shine truely: when you found your balance and can hold it or come back to it quickly in case of disruption.

Re-Balancing for smart beginners

We are living in a very interesting dual worldbuilt. It got created to experience two sides of the same medal, even to experience the space in-between these two sides. You as consciousness residing in a human body wondersuit get the chance to sur-vive, to through-live, to experience the poles in chosen extremes, and to find a way to re-balance them inside. „RE-balance“, because on another level you are always in balance, it is an artificially created disharmony that you created yourself for this cycle to make this journey possible.
No outer system can ever speak justice for you. No outer institution will ever do this job for you. It’s not meant to. It‘s only one of many tricks to keep you small and a lazy couch potato, to stop you from growing and from experiencing your own power. Getting justice from an idea or construction from outside is an absolute illusion.
If any form of „injustice“ happens in your life one way or the other, in reality THIS „happens“:
1.) a potential for a special experience got created for all people involved
2.) a teaching AND a learning possibility was made available
3.) your system is motivating you to act creatively on a specific level of self-mastery (mostly in the field of feelings) to reach higher grade
4.) you get the chance to expand your consciousness/awareness/senses or invent something entirely new and impressive for all of us
5.) accumulated collective energy needs to get catalyzed by masters of certain fields

The tricky task is to practice how NOT to react immediately and spontaniously in old and boring patterns, some of them created or implanted when you were still a kid and didn‘t have a better idea of how to handle a certain problem.
Another stone in your way of clear non-justice-thinking is the illusion of good and bad experiences. There is no such thing. There is only experience and no-one to blame. So-called Old Souls are very experienced, but for sure they as well made the experience of war and the killing of other beings. You incarnate to make NEW experiences all the time. Yesterday you were the victim, today you are the offender, tomorrow you are none of both, got it.
Some of you are waiting for the judgement day to happen. Spoiler alert, it doesn‘t happen in front of your eyes, if it happens at all then it does inside of your heart. It happens on the same day you decide that there is nothing for you to judge at all.

So, let‘s practice. Let’s start erasing the word „guilt“. Let‘s help each other whenever any sort of judgement of events and other people occurs. This practice needs patience! As soon as we realize that we are judging, we should allow us to freeze the situation for a moment and remember for what it possibly got created. Where is the trigger? What is triggering us? Why is it triggering me? If we get to this point, we have almost won the game… and can be truthfully proud of seeing it through a bit better. The rest is no longer about justice, it‘s about what best to do to bring harmony or development or exploration… that‘s it and that‘s what the young man in the courtroom practiced and taught all at the same time. He catalysed so much more for the entire collective than he is aware of…

The master certificate of „Nothing-to-forgive“

The moment we deeply understood the thruth of disharmony and injustice, in this precious moment we finally and automatically let go of the whole „guilt“ concept. Knowing that the disharmony is only a created role play, it is followed by the insight that it‘s not the human being causing it. In fact, it is an act of love that another soul offers: to go into risky disharmony for you/us on purpose, so we can both experience whatever the plan is. Not so many want to play the shitty roles, it needs a lot of bravery to do these jobs.
Guilt is dead.
And when there is no more guilt, then there is also nothing to forgive. Because you no longer think that your soulmate owes you an apology. But this, of course, is chief master general level and there‘s a lot of time to explore more about that…

But maybe it now starts to make sense inside your heart why „Lucifer“ means „Bringing into light“.
Maybe it now also starts to make sense why we should all be very proud of Judas. Who else would you choose to betray you, other than your very best friend? Who else, knowing of the consequences, could have done this for him, other than his best and bravest friend?

Our aim for now is, to become so balanced inside that extreme suffering will no longer be possible for others. The more parts build a stable balance, the less duality disharmonies are possible. Isn’t it a nice goal to reach out for as a growing group of human kinders?

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