There is always magic
for those who want to see it


About the need to transform the own belief system for enriching one‘s life cycle

Beloved painter Matisse said: „There‘s always flowers for those who want to see them.“ In this popular and uplifting quote he once again stated what should be clearly understood by every human being: Before there can be a functioning law of attraction, the condition for allowance of any form of energetic expansion into your life is to make a willingly decision for it. It needs an invitation, it needs an offered empty glass to be filled. 2023 will be a year of many decisions and it already presents itself with the possibility to share the same room, but on very different frequencies and in very different realities. With this particular article we want to support you in releasing the old programs that you carried for so long and are not serving you any longer, to empty your glass as much as you can to make room for something entirely new and uplifting, but also insecure, unpredictable and hard to belief, but loveable in every single tone.

You don‘t really believe in magic, do you?

When we were young, most of us already lived in a magic universe. There were dragons in form of the neighbor‘s dog or monsters where others saw bulldozers, even not formed creations like ghosts were living in the cupboards: boo. Every butterfly already was a fairy or some sort of otherworldly guest and the nuclear power plant around the corner was the sacred place where all the clouds got created and blown into the endless sky, where they invented their own forms to make us laugh and guess their costumes. Today, people save their whole life data in clouds, but there is no fairy dust and glitter involved, while they are doing it. Magic left their building.This is the reason, why so many famous reminders got created for you and installed in your poor world where fantasy is no longer a part of your life, but a cultural genre, you old pirate! Hook, The Neverending Story, Mr. Magorium‘s wonder empire… Even if you don‘t love these movies, still you know them all. They are so popular, because deep inside we all need our own magic and now desperatly want it back. We want to reclaim our playfulness, our joy, our childhood bliss we experienced when we got lost in our own worlds that WE created by ourselves. We have to tell the pirates that we are leaving their ship wreck and order to give us back our Pan! And YOU are the Pan!

The pirate version would sound like: People who don’t believe in magic, will simply not experience magic in their lives. Even if they witness it with their own eyes, they will always find a different and excusing explanation that fits into their old reality mindset or their actual programming.Let us give you an example of this specific phenomenon:During the previous winter solstice a group of friends made a campfire in their wild garden in a small town in southern Germany. Knowing that the veils are very thin during that specific night, they also invited all formless and in-formed inhabitants to join the little night-night party. They started the fire, the kids got sparklers to celebrate the light in the dark. One of the friends felt that there were other energies around the fireplace as well, but couldn’t see anything. Days later they had a look at the photos taken during that specific night. The infrared lense of the smartphone made visible what was felt: within green nebula a dragon, a wood fairy, gnomes and pixies, even a Shèshè were made visible… all of them beings of lighter densites, all of them there to show that they are living in this garden field as well, a magic experience.
The photos got shown to a variety of people and the reactions were simply according to the world they lived in: While an elderly lady who‘s remembering her earlier incarnations and is actually working with energy healing forms was happy and thankful for this surprising glimpse through the veil. Whereas another friend, deeply settled within the old matrix kept repeatingly looking for some sort of lense reflections or even some sort of photoshop trickery that could explain what his brain was not able to fit into his world and his heart didn‘t open up for. And that is exactly what he got. Nothing.

The importance to reactivate our lost childhood skills

Truth is: many of us lost their most important childhood skills that are so necessary to open the gate to the magic kingdom. How good is yourout of the box thinkingimpartialityability to create new words?ability to invent new worlds?Do you trust your heart more than you trust your brain?And can you find joy in a senseless game?Here‘s the good news: many re-activation volunteers already arrived in your world to assist you. They are all experts in their own very specific field of magic. You might have noticed this group with famous leadership skills already, mainly they get called…kids.Strictly spoken, each and every one of them is an energetic mega tool kit/kid, a highend creation that money can’t buy. The only hard/heart work, you have to do, is, to find an access to it. That’s it.If there are many kids in your surroundings getting on your nerves, Mr. Wilson, you can be sure it happens for a reason. Sooner or later you will give up and learn to play a new game or simply die, because these creatures got built by the divine Duracell company and their battery is able to re-charge
u n l i m i t e d
e n d l e s s l y.

Magic is all around

If you are not directly surrounded by kids, it mostly means that you are already able to feel deep enough to see and experience magic in all that is. You are reading this article mainly because you also want to assist others to find their way back to the magic worlds within. That’s very humankind of you, we love it!You can already spend hours looking at raindrops sitting on a multi-coloured leaf or spotting birds or listening to the wind. You often wonder how mother nature can be so crazy to paint the sunset the way she did. It makes you weep when a butterfly is landing on your hand to bring you joy. You love playing with your dog friend and it soothes you deeply and absolutely satisfying when you cuddle your old teddy or your cat friend. Was there a garden gnom staring at you while you took out to compost last night? This is where we are now once again heading towards as a collective. We are travelling back to the truth, the simply truth that
Magic is all around and WE IS THE LOVE WITHIN.

How can we all support one another? By offering to be their magic until they found theirs again. It’s the little things that step by step lead to overall success. And how does that work? By using our specific gifts, because that‘s why we received them.
Maybe you love writing letters. What if you write a love letter in the name of house elv Marvin to the grumpy landlord next door in which you invent a wonderful story?
Maybe you love knitting. Why don‘t you knit a pair of cosy socks for the over-worked mum next door and just put them in front of her door with the note „the guardian angels of your kids say thank you for your service“.
Maybe they want to destroy a forest to build a street. You and your friends could make nice banners on which you speak for the animals, the trees, the gnomes and the wood fairies. Send emails to the mayor telling him „The lorax has said ‚Unless someone like you cares a whole aweful lot, nothing is going to get better, it‘s not.‘ He asked us to send you this reminder. Cheers“

CREATE wonders and magic for others, no matter how small the gesture may appears at first. We already say #thankyou in the name of all you shower with your unconditional love.

Energies embedded: #upaya #thankyou #heavenforeveryone #111 #222 #kindofmagic #thekami

For those who can already channel energies and are willing to take a trip to the own magic world within, we recommend asking the kami to guide them. Enjoy!

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